$199 (Regularly $299)

$100M Prospecting Machine: The Full Craminator Prospecting Boot Camp

Exactly what you need to 3X your Meetings. 

What you'll get:

  • Framework for Engagement (Email, Phone, LinkedIn)
  • How to build your Messaging 
  • Staying on Track and Keeping Yourself Accountable



What People Are Saying:

Kim's course was a blast. She taught with so much passion and knowledge it kept me engaged throughout

Scott Leese

I was new to software sales, and never experienced a startup work environment in my previous roles. Kim helped me identify the pain we were trying to solve for our customers. I learned that product knowledge is futile if you can’t connect value to a prospect's perceived problem. Without that cornerstone, there is not enough momentum to move a deal forward. I learned a plethora of skills from Kim that have accelerated my SaaS sales career!

Steve Wilkins

Kim taught me how to prospect. She showed me how to create email content that resonates with prospects, how to craft each outreach to the prospect, and how to close deals. Kim had pushed me to sell more, find more deals, and how to sell the right way. I owe most of my success in sales to her grit mentality she taught me.

Devin McKenzie