Kim with Eric Weddle and Super Bowl 2022 Ring



My entire life has been about competing and always driving to be better. I played every sport growing up and played Division 1 basketball at University of Utah. At 5'2" nothing was ever easy. As a point guard I learned to lead by example and keep the team on track. Those experiences transferred into my career in Sales. 



At age 30 I pivoted into Tech after getting my MBA. I started as a BDR and learned first hand what it meant to "just figure it out." Since then I've worked at several startups where it was on me to create everything around go-to-market strategies and establish the entire sales process. Results are always the focus and how you get there is where I help teams win. 

Pressing the Gas On Your Sales Growth


$100M Sales Process

FatterĀ Pipeline | Faster Ramping | More Closed Deals

Building a pipeline that helps you grow faster than anything else.Ā 


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