Best Emails Focus on Prospect's Pain Points

Jan 08, 2023

Everyone has tips on how to create the perfect email. Do it this way... no do it that way. Well, which one is it? 

TLDR: Prospects don't need to know at this point the step-by-step on how your system works. They need to know what it will do for them and solve their problems.

If you are an SDR, BDR, or Account Executive you want to be doing it right. It's the difference between hitting your number and not, so you want to nail it. Not to mention, you are spending so much time prospecting that you want to make the best use of your time and send out the right message that will connect.

The reality is if you don't have the right message, none of it matters. 

What does that mean? 

Knowing who your customers are and how they are WINNING with your tool or product is HUGE. Especially when you are trying to win over prospects that are just like the existing customer base. 

So... understand what their role is. What life was like BEFORE they had your product and what it is like NOW with your product. 

Let's go through an example... 

Looking at my Team Training Program. If I go out and start messaging people in this way...

"Hey, I have a training program for Prospecting that I custom build for you.  It's a self-guided video course and messaging is specific for you with your ICP, Tools, and Messaging. It even gives you the ability to add some videos from customers or any others you would want to be included."

It's ok. Could be much worse. This is more of a play-by-play of the product. The reality is the only people it will connect with are those that are looking for a training program. (Not everyone knows they need one).

You want to connect to their pain points! 

So let's dig into the customer base a bit and understand them better. One example is a company that was hiring A LOT of Account Executives and SDRs. When they would come on, their managers were responsible for the training. Sometimes other Account Executives or SDRs would step in and help out too. 

The problem with this was everyone was already stretched pretty thin. So training weeks were especially tough. Either the new hires or the existing team would take a hit. Usually, it was both because they were trying to juggle. New Hires ramping was really slow and there was a lot of frustration from everyone (New Hires, Managers, CRO, CEO.. etc). Turned into a revolving door of New Hires and hope that someone could come in with very little training and succeed without much help. (Which is a Unicorn and not likely).

So taking this information, what can we gather from it? Again, we are looking for someone who has the same problems that we can help. 

Current Pain Points (without Team Training Program):

  • Already too busy and training wasn't being owned by anyone specific
  • During the training time for New Hires, Managers were being pulled off their already extremely busy days. Impacting the rest of their team
  • Ramp time was too slow and cost money
  • Frustrations around the lack of success from New Hires
  • New Hires end up leaving (or being let go)
  • Constant new hires to replace the others (amplifying the problem)

So with this break down let's try out the messaging again specifically to their pain points.

"One of the challenges with new hires is giving them the attention they need without pulling managers who are already stretched too thin" 


"Everyone would love for the reps to ramp faster but don't have the resources to put the emphasis on training. Costing companies a lot of money with reps not producing and leaving."

Now focusing on the Impact of the Team Training Program 

  • Reps (AE, SDR, BDR) are getting the training they want and need
  • Ramping 3x faster and making a positive impact
  • Reps are enjoying their role because they are having success
  • Not as many New Hires are required (saving money)
  • Existing reps are more successful because they have the constant support they need from their managers. 

Take these ^^^ to now move towards the solution... 

 "What companies found is with a training program built for them their Reps got the right training early, they ramped 3 times faster which reduced their costs and kept their Reps."


"The biggest benefit to having a training program built for them was how fast the New Hires were able to contribute without impacting Manager's time"

If you look back to the very first example I gave, you will again see that it was more about how the program operates. You need to focus more on what it will DO FOR THEM. 

Pain points are designed to have them connect to it and say... that's me!

The solution is there to remind them of the benefits to fix the problem. 

So where do you go from here... take a step back and think through who your prospects are and what they are dealing with. Focus on their pain points and the impact of fixing the problem. 

AGAIN... TLDR: Prospects don't need to know at this point the step-by-step on how your system works. They need to know what it will do for them and solve their problems. 

Happy Writing!!!


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