Utilizing LinkedIn to be Noticed

linkedin Jan 10, 2023

How much time do you spend on what you should wear to work? Maybe for you, it’s important and maybe it isn’t. If you work for a tech company, dress codes no longer exist. Or you are working from home so REALLY doesn’t exist. :)

What you should care about as an SDR, BDR or AE is how you look where your prospects can see you.

You may be thinking, well they don’t see me unless I’m on a video call and I don’t… so you just disregard all of this talk.

WAIT… come back!

You are seen in a few places every day. (At least that is your hope).

LinkedIn. Email. Phone calls.

Let’s focus on LinkedIn…

LinkedIn through your picture, your headline, and how you engage is seen. Again the hope is that it’s seen a lot. So make sure it’s dialed in.

Picture first… it doesn’t need to be a professional headshot but it’s YOU. It shows that you are the HUMAN that you are and someone they want to talk with.

Now moving to Headlines…

Ever wonder why people have their headlines as something other than their titles? It’s a chance to pique the interest of your prospect.

Do you know all the places your Headline show up?

  • When you comment… it shows up.
  • When you message someone… it shows up.
  • When you view someone’s profile… it shows up.

Through a few words… what is something that would make your prospects pause and say tell me more? Think about a pain point they have that you can fix.

**like always if it’s for them, then make it about them… not internal tag lines


Ramp time too slow?

Need Reps trained faster?

Better leads for closing?

Missing your quota?

Putting success back in prospecting.

Results-driven prospecting.

Getting you that promotion for AE!

You get the point.

Also, did you know that there is a setting that won’t allow others to see your picture and headline if you aren’t connected? I would highly recommend you turn them on. Here is how you get there…

  • Picture - make sure your picture is visible in and out of your network.
    • Me > Settings and Privacy > Account Preferences > Showing Profile Pictures > All LinkedIn Members
  • Headline - make sure your Headline is visible
    • Me > Settings and Privacy > Visibility > Profile Viewing Options > Your Name and Headline

TLDR… Don’t put in all the hard work and then be disregarded when they “SEE” you on LinkedIn. Or don’t “SEE” you because your settings are set to be off. Be intentional about it.

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