Removing Objections Before They Are There

Jan 09, 2023

How stoked are you when someone says NO… excitement level goes through the roof I’m sure. 🙂

TLDR: Listen to the Objections that come up... and add them to your messaging before the objection comes up. 

Regardless of the method… phone or email, take that objection and review how you can take it head on before it is one. Even the best objection handlers will still say it’s better to take the objections off the table before there is one.

Often times we want to think it was just 1 so I’m not worried. How many others are thinking just like them but are staying quiet?

There are a few types of Objections…

1) There are Objections that they clearly don’t know what you do. Take note, that either your messaging is unclear or they didn’t take the time to actually read/listen. Either way, how can you clear it up?

Take ownership of this and see how you can make it more clear. Maybe needs to be clear from the beginning because it’s too deep in your messaging of what your actual point is.

2) The objection that shouldn’t be there but is.

Example: “We just don’t have time for this.”

In my messaging (AGAIN before it becomes an objection) I’ll say something like… Most are concerned about the amount of time it will take but find that it’s actually extremely quick and worth every second that it takes.

Another example: “We don’t have any budget”

My messaging… Often times budget is top of mind for everyone and lack thereof. Everyone is always surprised at how cost-effective this is and the amount of cost savings being put back into their budget.

Now you can’t make claims that aren’t true. Take what things you would be saying to try to overcome the objection and add it in there before it is one.

Again, I can’t say it enough… if there is one person who is thinking it, there are more likely many more that think the same. So clean up your language and remove the objections before they are there!

You'll never be objection free BUT you can remove a lot of them

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