Training without Action is USELESS

Jan 09, 2023

There is no Training, Blog Post or Newsletter from anyone at any cost that will make you better.

Over the past 10 years I have trained and coached hundreds and hundreds of sales reps. When they apply the principles, they increase their wins and have real growth. When they feel good about it and get excited but go back to their normal way of doing things, they stay flat lined.

The only person who can make you better is YOU!

What does this mean?

It means, that you can spend an enormous amount of money and get great ideas of how to be better, how to execute, how to win AND it never work. Because if YOU don’t take action on it, it’s absolutely useless.

It would be nice if sitting in Training was like laying out in the Sun. You feel the warmth AND it literally was baking into you. But it’s NOT! 

The only way that great idea, that breakthrough, that new thing is going to make a huge difference is if YOU do something about it.

So how do you do this? How do you turn it from a great idea to life changing?


Well yeah, but how do you take ACTION!

Make time for it and make a plan. You will see that even though you know it’s going to be life changing, you will want to slip back into how you’ve always done it.

In your plan write out how this applies. Write out your WHY you are making these changes and what this going to change. These are critical in staying with it and remembering it’s worth it.

Next make short term goals. You have to take small actions first and then have little steps along the way.

Let’s use the example of prospecting. There are lots of things to do but narrowing down to writing emails better.

START by sitting down and apply the principles you have learned to write 1 email. Focusing on 1 topic and 1 target. (You probably have lots but again we are starting small).

THEN Write out a couple emails for that same target so you have a whole sequence written for JUST 1 TARGET!

Hit send!

Now start tackling the next target and go through the same process. Hit SEND!

And now the next… HIT SEND!

Bite size chunks are the key. Doing a complete overhaul is too overwhelming and will shut you down. No one has endless amounts of time but we do have some.

So plan out the “some” time and START! Then keep expanding.

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