Fixing Lead Gen to Increase Pipeline

360 lead gen audit analytics lead generation prospecting Mar 08, 2023

Frustrating when your sales are flattening out or even worse… dipping.

It’s supposed to always be UP AND TO THE RIGHT… but a decline happens all the time.

The most common blame… our team isn’t working hard enough. So you run in with an iron fist and demand they work harder. You throw on very specific activities. “Every day for the next 30 days…. Make 100 calls, send 50 new emails, and engage with 30 people on LinkedIn”

The team springs into action and does exactly what you ask. The problem is you see a slight bump in results but then die again. Now you have a bigger issue… your team is burning out and morale is low.

Here is an example of what I did in my 360 Lead Gen Audit...

  1. 1:1s with everyone on the team. Understand what was going well. What was frustrating and what they felt they needed.

  2. DATA… deep dive into the data. Looking at every data point around activity and comparing with results.

I calculated the average of "Sales Accepted Leads" and took those above average and highlighted them in green. I wanted to see at a glance where my "Above Average" performers were in every category.

  1. Understanding the data… why were some having success in some categories and others not. Looking at Messaging, Call Scripts, Type of Leads… etc. Also figuring out which data points were the most important and where to put the most emphasis.

  2. Create Strategies. Take best practices of where there was success and train those that were struggling. Put more emphasis on the leading indicators of success (versus focusing on everything). ***Put incentives in place to focus no behaviors I wanted to get the right results

  3. ACTION… It’s great to know but even more important to put these strategies into action.

  4. What Happened… Average Increased. The top performers performed even better. Those that had an issue of not having enough activity, got their activity up in all the right categories and saw a jump in performance. Those that had their activity but were struggling on execution had the biggest jump in results. (They just needed direction on how…they were already putting in the work).

  5. Numbers... We saw a 25% increase in show rate to meetings set. We had a 30% increase in conversion of meetings set to ACCEPTED (became Pipeline). Pipeline $$$ doubled and Closed Won doubled from this lead source.

TLDR: We were getting more of the right leads into the funnel which made a huge impact in the categories that matter... Pipeline and Closed Won!


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