Easiest Way to Fill Your Funnel

Oct 03, 2023

When it comes to sales… what we want most, is to close more deals.

Right? That’s our focus. More deals at a higher value and driving more revenue. When you look out into your bright future, promotions, scaling your team, fat bonuses, and big things (that's what you see).

Big question… how do you get there?

For the majority of sales reps and companies, the thing that will help them drive more revenue is more deals in their pipeline. Yes, they can get better through the whole process (and most need to) but the reality is, the more they have to work with, the more they do.

When you really think about it, the thing most need more than anything is better sales copy.

Why do they need better sales copy… because crappy sales copy doesn’t get anyone’s attention. If you can’t get anyone’s attention, then you have no shot of working with them.

So if you knew that the future of your sales and your company depended on your sales copy… what would you do differently or change today?

Start with this question… do I solve something for people and companies that has a big impact on them? If the answer is yes… then the only thing that will get them to make a move is your sales copy. Not your product, not your service… your sales copy. Sure, your product and service is what ultimately solves the problem but it’s your sales copy that gets them to see you and want you.

The next part of this is what should your sales copy be about. What it isn’t about… all the things they need.  Instead, the focus is on what they WANT!

What does this mean…

Well, let’s take this newsletter topic as an example. What do you all want? If you are in sales, you want to close more deals and probably make more money. Right?

What you need is better sales copy. You need to connect with people better so you can set more meetings. You need a bigger pipeline.

Again what you want… more deals that close. That’s it.

That’s why I started the message about closing more deals. It’s the thing everyone wants more of.

I sell "Fatter Pipelines and More Closed Deals"… it’s what people want. I include better sales copy and GTM strategies because that’s what they need.

Picture your buyer on one side with their problems and pain points. They are standing at the edge of a cliff with a huge canyon below. On the other side is another cliff with what they want most… that thing they are working towards.

Right now, they don’t have a bridge to get what they want. They want one but they don’t know how to build it or too busy to do it. Then you come along and your sales copy helps them see… THE BRIDGE!

Now you didn’t tell them the details of the bridge… they don’t care what color it is, the material, how many steps, what kind of shoes are best to cross it.. none of that matters to them. They care that they have a way to solve their problems and are going to get what they want.

So now that you know it’s about focusing on their wants… how do you apply it?

First… connect with them on their pain points. It has to speak their language and have them relate. Next is painting the thing they want most.

Stay away from all the things they need and how they get there. Focus on what they want most. Focus on the world they will get when they use your product or service.

Now you know... go change your messaging and approach.  :)


PS... I know focusing on needs vs. wants isn't the easiest to wrap your head around. Draw your picture... where they are today on one side and what they want on the other. Focus on them and what matters the most to them.


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