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audit problem solving sales Apr 13, 2023

TLDR: Look at the whole picture before you try to fix the problem in front of you.

One of the things I see a lot... the problem that you see, isn't the real problem.

What does that even mean?

It means this... you have a problem and on the surface, it seems pretty easy to see it and say "that's the problem". But if you really dig into it, and ask a lot of WHYs, you find out something else is causing that problem. And if you try to fix what's on the's just a bandaid and won't have the positive impact you were hoping for.

Here is what I’ve seen in my last 18 years of sales… when something is off, it impacts everything else.

  • Target Market is just a little off and impacts your leads and the sales team.
  • Lead generation is off and sales reps don’t have what they need to close deals.
  • Sales team is off and doesn’t matter how many great leads that come in, they aren’t going to hit their target.
  • Sales process isn’t in place and the Sales team struggles.  Then there becomes a revolving door of reps coming in and out.

Too many times companies and leaders are putting their focus in the WRONG areas and they can’t seem to ever get ahead.

I get it all the time...

  • Can you do training for us?
  • Can you help us write better messaging?
  • Can you help us build a strategy for prospecting?

I can do all these things BUT they most likely won't have the impact you were hoping for. Here's why...

  • Training reps that are getting the wrong leads... isn't going to help them close more deals.
  • The perfect message to the wrong target market... isn't going to build more pipeline
  • A strategy for prospecting NEEDS a dialed-in Target Market.... or it's a waste of time.

It's WHY I started to focus more on Sales Audits BEFORE jumping into solving problems. I want to solve the right problems so I can deliver results, not just complete a task.

The 5 areas I focus on... Target Market, Lead Generation, Sales Team (Humans), Sales Process, and Data. They are all tied together and when 1 is off... impacts the other areas.

Whether you are an individual contributor or a leader... find what's holding you back from reaching your goals. If you can't do it alone, get help. If not... you'll waste time and money struggling through it and may never get there. It's up to you.

Your success is around the corner... go get it. Don't let anything hold you back!!!

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