No Pain, No Gain!

Feb 05, 2024

Have you ever heard the saying.. no pain, no gain!

In sports, it's used all the time to push harder and get stronger.  

Today we are looking at it differently. 

If the prospect doesn’t have the pain… you ain’t getting the gain (sale).

So if this is true… why don’t we focus 100% on connecting with their buyer's pain?

Think about... 

  • Messaging… not about your product, it’s about the things that are driving them crazy that they would LOVE to fix.
  • Cold calls… not about revolutionizing the world to create unbelievable ROI (that doesn’t connect with them, it’s about the things they are dealing with specifically that make them want to learn more.
  • Discovery… not about your checklist of what qualifies them, it’s about understanding their world and how big of a deal are these things if they don’t fix them. 
  • Demo… not about your favorite new widget that you just released and you are stoked about, it’s about what specific ways can you help them right now and beyond.
  • ROI… not about your internal calculator that always turns your solution into massive value, it’s about creating a business case in how they look at their business (their way, not yours).

Stop trying to impress them with some cool name that the company voted on which means nothing to anyone else.

START talking directly to them in their words and in a way that connects with them.

Talk human to humans!!!

  • Who are they?
  • What do they care about?
  • What are they going through?
  • What can you potentially do for them?

If you want your sales to grow… stop focusing so much on your product.

Focus on them and solving their problems. 

Not everyone needs you.

But those that do… win every single one of them. 

And… get really good at understanding who needs you and why. Then... get yourself in front of every single one.



PS... When I hear someone say, "You read my mind and it's what we think about all the time", I know I'm speaking the right language to the right person. 

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