Sales Not Performing and Who's to Blame

sales underpeforming May 09, 2023

TLDR: When sales aren't performing, before you point the finger at someone else, look in the mirror.

When sales aren't going well, everyone is on edge. Before you start pointing the finger at someone else, own the problem. 

🚨 Warning 🚨  this message is bound to frustrate all sides. Time to take some ownership of your role and stop waiting for anyone else to do it for you.

Let’s start from the leadership side…

If the majority of your team is underperforming and they are following the plan you mapped out for them of how to get there… your plan needs an overhaul. Or maybe your goals aren’t achievable. Either way, it ain’t working.

I get it that not everyone is a fit but if you have 2/3 of your team nowhere hitting quota and they are working hard, they need a better map of how to get to their goal.

  • Do they have the right tools in place?
  • Do they have a process to follow (that works)?
  • Are 2/3 of your team just bad hires?

Unless you are just overstaffed, what makes you think that the next round of sales reps will be better?

If you don’t know how to clearly define the path for reps to succeed, then go figure that out. If not, you are going to keep having the same problem.. hire, ramp, bad performance, fire. (on repeat)

Here are the areas that you need to focus:

  • 🎯 Target Market is really dialed in (like really focused on who they are, what matters to them, what pain points they have, and what you solve for them)
  • 📝 Lead Gen strategy is focused on your target market. You are using a targeted approach and it’s producing leads that turn into pipeline (not just leads that never go anywhere)
  • 👫 Sales Team has the tools to succeed and is crystal clear on expectations. Know exactly what they should be doing and held accountable.
  • ⚙️ Sales Process is documented and trained. This isn’t just a suggestion… this is mandatory. Without a process, it’s setting your sales reps up for failure and it’s way more difficult to figure out where individuals are falling short.


Now let’s move to the sales rep side…

If you aren’t performing and are doing what they told you to do… find a better way. I’ve yet to see any company be stoked on someone who works hard but doesn’t produce results. Stop waiting for someone to take care of you and start finding ways to get results.

Are there others that are hitting their goals… go figure out what they are doing. Put in the time and effort to win.

If you want to join with others that aren’t performing either to talk about how bad it is and your leaders are up in the night… you are done. You are more focused on failing and you’ll never win when that’s your focus.

If it is that bad… then move on. Just know that if you keep finding the same thing everywhere you go… you may need to take a look in the mirror. 😬

If there is a path to succeeding… go get on it and make that your entire focus and where all your energy is going.

Here are the areas that you need to focus:

  • 🎯 Target Market - know this inside and out. Who are you targeting and why. What’s in it for them?
  • 📝 Lead Gen pipeline is King. If you don’t have a strong pipeline, don’t wait for anyone to provide it for you… go get it.
  • 🫡 Accountability who can help hold you accountable? Don't just work hard, have a plan and be held accountable.
  • ⚙️ Sales Process Don’t wing it. Document your process. Do it with intent and purpose. Don’t just go through the motions in your process have a strategy.

Sales is not easy. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, you’ve got to move on to something that you are better suited for. If you are willing and doing the work, make sure it’s the right work that will get you to your goals and get it done.


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