Secret to Emails that Get Responses

Jan 10, 2023

TLDR: Emails should have 1 Pain Point and a Solution to THAT Pain Point, in the least amount of words possible, with ZERO fluffy or big words (keep it simple).

STARTING LINE: You aren't selling your product through email.

You are connecting with their pain points. 

Let's jump in:


PER EMAIL....ONE Pain point that is specific for them and their role. 


Now the tendency is to want to add all pain points they may have.

Your thoughts may be "well what if that pain point doesn’t resonate with them?" That’s ok. You will send additional messages to them that will have those other pain points (also 1 at a time).


WHY... You need to keep this message short and simple so keep it to one pain point. 


The other thing is… BE SPECIFIC. If it’s too broad you run 2 risks


1) They have no idea what you are trying to sell them. 

2) You give them the ability to think they already have your solution (even when they don’t have anywhere close to what you can bring to the table)



Example Broad: Many in the industry are frustrated with ways to drive revenue.


Response (from Broad statement): We just revamped our plan and we are good. 



Example Specific: A lot of VP of Sales are frustrated with the lack of quality leads that close quickly.


Response (To Specific Statement): Yes, that’s us. 



YOU solve this. This is NOT your chance to tell them everything about you.


Keep it specific to the pain point you brought up above and what that’s doing for THEM. 



Example from Specific Pain Point (above): We help companies get more of the right leads in their pipeline that close faster at a higher close rate.


The DO NOT list:

  • Tell them everything you do
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Latest Funding Round
  • ME, ME, ME, ME

A reminder that this is about them and not you!

Your ultimate goal is to connect to their pain point for them to say "That's ME" and become curious about your solution.

That's it... pretty simple and yet oh-so powerful. 

Happy Writing!!!

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