Simple Way to Get Your Buyer's Attention

email prospecting sales copy Oct 17, 2023

Ever get to that point where you are sick of not getting anyone's attention? Doing so much work and going unnoticed?

If you want to improve your sales copy to connect with more prospects... this message is for you!

One of the hardest things to do is think about something all day every day and then not focus on it. You know the game, “Don’t think about a red car” and of course, you think about a red car.

It’s the same when it comes to your product. It’s all we think about. What we love most about it. What’s new. What we are coming out with soon. All of these things make us focus on the wrong thing when it comes to writing our sales messaging, doing Discovery and even doing a Demo.

Wait... DEMO? Demo is where we show our product so why wouldn’t I think about it?

Even on the Demo, you should be focused on them. How does your product work for them specifically? That should be the only thing that matters.

So first and foremost what you need to think about and focus on the most…

  • What does your buyer want most?
  • What are their fears?
  • What are their objections to buying either what you sell or really anything out there?

I’m going to pause here because I can’t emphasize this enough. When you really think about what they want, their fears, and the most likely objections they have, it gives you the level of focus that you need.

Example 1: Let’s say my target is a CEO of a company and I’m selling them on doing consulting to grow their sales.

  • Want most… sales to be growing and scaling the company. Take it an extra layer… they want the next round of funding, acquired or maybe go public.
  • Fears… it’s going to be a waste of money. Won’t help them get where they want to go.
  • Objections… too expensive and can figure it on on their own.

The key is to not make this up… find this out. Talk to existing customers. Find out from people in your ICP and really dig in to understand this.

Now write your message based on this information.

NO… don’t go back to talking about your product… focus on them.

A great piece of advice I was once given and it has stuck with me is to write it as though it’s to one person.

Not a group… one person who is a perfect candidate.


Hey Cameron,

When sales are struggling, it’s hard not to think about your next round of funding.

The first thought is always to figure it out on your own but worried about how much it will delay things.

It’s exactly what we help companies do… get you back on track filling your funnel and closing more deals.

Worth a chat?

Now you couldn’t see me writing this but I was thinking about someone very specific when I was writing this. I know his focus is on the next round of funding so I’m targeting this. The reality is, this could be a fit for so many others too.

Message them as though it’s to 1 but it connects with so many more.

Again, put your product aside and focus on what matters most to them and only to them.

Now go get more deals in your pipeline!


PS… If you use the same approach of focusing on 1 person in your Discovery, Demo, Pricing… etc, your sales (guaranteed) will increase. Put aside all the “stuff” you need to qualify them in a Discovery,  your product in a Demo, and focus on that 1 person in front of you. Their needs. How it applies to them.


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