Unlocking Superpowers With ChatGPT

ai closing deals increase revenue know your buyer using chatgpt Sep 05, 2023

More meetings set and win more deals… that’s the Superpower we all want.


Here’s the thing… It’s not that complicated.

I will warn you though, you have to put down your company Kool-Aid and stop being so obsessed with your product.

Follow these steps instead:

Be obsessed with who your target audience is…

  • What words do they use?
  • How do they talk?
  • What do they think about?
  • What motivates them?

Why does this matter so much? When you understand and know them, you know how to communicate WITH THEM.

This is true at every stage of the process… when you are going outbound, using ads, going through Discovery, Demo, Pricing… CLOSING. It all applies.

On the flip side…

If you aren’t talking about what they want to talk about, don’t show them what they want to see, or tell them what they want to hear…


Do you see why I say you need to put down the Kool-Aid and stop focusing on how cool your product is?

Unless your focus is on them and their world, none of that matters.

So how do you get there? Or better than where you are now.

Something I use a lot is AI… ChatGPT.

Here’s what I do…

I have the team internally answer 7 questions…

  1. Top personas (roles) to target and what do they care about most?
  2. 5 ways my product or service will help them make money?
  3. How can I or my product or service help them save money?
  4. How much time can I save them and what else can they do with that time?
  5. What is something they don’t have to do anymore once they get my new product or service?
  6. What physical pain do I eliminate for them and what does that mean for their life and business?
  7. How do they describe their pains and frustrations? (their words)

Next up… I take all this information from everyone that has answered these questions and I put it in ChatGPT.

Here’s what I want to know:

  1. How do each of the roles talk about their pain points?
  2. How do they talk about their pain (in their words) without our solution?
  3. What are all the points to focus on for each individual role? Ask to have it share how they talk and keep it really simple. Both from pain points and solutions.

I also often times ask which roles care about this the most. (Find out if I’m missing anything)

Another thing… I can do a deeper dive on the specific things I’m solving.

Example: The other day I was working with a group whose ideal customer profile is using Microsoft Azure. I asked ChatGPT how the CTO describes how important it is to have Azure. Then several more questions around how they break down costs and the time it takes to get there.

Follow-up question… what will be the greatest objections they have to {your solution}?

Best part… You can just keep asking more and more questions to get as much information as you need to get the full picture.

Knowing NOTHING about this industry before, within an hour, I had a pretty good picture of who they SHOULD talk to and why. I knew how they talked about their problems and what their day-to-day looked like without this solution. And what they are most likely concerned about and need to proactively bring up to connect with them.

Reality is… now more than ever we have resources to help us get a picture of your ICP. To give each of us this superpower to think like they do and speak in their words. To think about what they are worried about and the challenges they have.

Again… if you understand their interest, their desires, and their goals then you know how to communicate with them.

If you know how to communicate with them, they are more likely to listen and connect with what you are saying, showing, and offering.

This equals… more meetings set, fatter pipelines, and A LOT more deals WON!

Happy Selling!


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